You should look at this as an

Why do you ask? 

Its simple really. 

Would you take your dog to a vet that isn't going to be compassionate with Fido for a cheaper rate? No. You want to ensure that your dog is in great care. If your cousin who has no formal education on auto mechanics; offers to rebuild your engine, would you let him? Definitely not. If you're a cheese connoisseur, would you buy processed cheese because its on sale for $4.00 instead of that delicious old aged cheddar that might cost a couple bucks more? I mean... maybe if desperate times call for desperate measures. But you see what I am getting at. With an experienced Photographer you will receive quality images that will last a lifetime. 


In today's world with very many (talented)photographers, I would be delighted to be apart of your big day.

 Lets grab a coffee & tell me your story.