<  you can enjoy a photo of my fur child as I only have selfies at the moment

I’m Brittany. I’m a photographer.

I live in the city of Hamilton, and have since I was born. Shout out to all my True Hamiltonians. 
I love dogs, coffee, 2000's hip-hop & r&b, but more importantly a beautiful photo. Photography is something I have always been passionate about since I was a youth. I remember getting my parents to purchase me film so I could take pictures of pretty well anything, receiving a Polaroid as a gift one year and completely wasting all the film (sorry Mom, that stuff is expensive!) and who could forget the good old disposable cameras? I remember taking these with me to school so I could pose our group of friends and later cherish those photos once they got printed. Luckily times have changed...mainly for our clothing style.

Photography is clearly always advancing, and will always continue to be apart of my life. I recently started taking it more seriously as I continued to find that it was a growing passion of mine. I kept reminiscing about times of having a digital camera in high school (I lost it at the beach and cried for a while) and I went out and purchased my first DSLR last year. I was ready to get back into the hobby I enjoyed so much. Now with technology rapidly changing, there was a lot of learning to do in comparison to a point and shoot camera, but I was prepared to take the time to learn and figure these things out. Heck, I’m still figuring these things out.


Nonetheless, with the information and knowledge I have acquired, I wanted to get serious with this whole photography business. Commercial, Lifestyle, Fashion, and Landscape are just a few of the genres today but I became captivated with Wedding & Lifestyle Photography. I love being able to capture the beautiful moments that truly reflect the people I am taking photos of.